TQC 27-R/L : Unique lead angle Inserts with 4 cutting edges for Parting of hard materials in tough and general applications with maximum depth of cut 6.4 mm
  TQC 27-1.50-15L 1.500.0615.05.706108823 1TT9080 
  TQC 27-1.50-15R 1.500.0615.05.706108821 1TT9080 
  TQC 27-1.50-6L 1.500.066.05.706108818 1TT9080 
  TQC 27-1.50-6R 1.500.066.05.706108816 1TT9080 
  TQC 27-2.00-15L 2.000.1015.06.406108828 1TT9080 
  TQC 27-2.00-15R 2.000.1015.06.406108827 1TT9080 
  TQC 27-2.00-6L 1TT9080 
  TQC 27-2.00-6R 1TT9080 

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