MTE D : Indexable threading end mills.
  MTE D09.5-1-W20-12   9.5012.0020.007.5015.5085.00W16.0006198615 Not suitable for inserts: TTMT12 18 NPT, TTMT12 18 NPTF, TTMT12 19 BSPT 0
  MTE D09.9-1-W20-12 9.9012.0020.007.5016.0085.00W16.0006198616 0
  MTE D12.2-1-W20-14 12.2014.0020.008.6020.0075.00W15.0006198617 0
  MTE D14.5-1-W20-14 14.5014.0020.0011.2025.0085.00W16.0006198618 0
  MTE D17.0-1-W20-14 17.0014.0020.0012.8030.0085.00W23.0006198619 0
  MTE D18-1-W20-21   18.0021.0020.0014.2030.0085.00W20.0006198620 Not suitable for inserts: TTMT21 I 3.50 ISO, TTMT21 I 7 UN, TTMT21 11.5 NPT, TTMT21 11.5 NPTF 0
  MTE D21-1-W20-21 21.0021.0020.0015.9040.0094.00W23.0006198621 0
  MTE D25-1-W20-21 25.0021.0020.00--125.00W24.0006196998 0
  MTE D29-1-W25-30 29.0030.0025.0022.2050.00110.00W32.0006198622 0
  MTE D31-1-W25-30 31.0030.0025.00--150.00W60.0006198623 0
  MTE D38-1-W32-30 38.0030.0032.00--150.00W0.9006198624 0
  MTE D48-1-W40-40 48.0040.0040.0035.0078.00153.00W1.3006198625 0
  MTE D48-1-W40-40-B 48.0040.0040.00--210.00W1.5006198626 0

Minimum bore should be one-third larger than D (diameter)
All end mills are equipped with a bore for internal coolant