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ER-SRK-JET2 : Thermal shrinking chucks with DIN 6499 ER collets for solid carbide tools & two angular coolant channels
  ER20 SRK 3X35 JET2 0.00~ER20 3.0010.0013.5035.024.506.0010.0~16.0M6 3.00.07C ~71EAD3871D313 ~46.50~4651301 0 
  ER20 SRK 4X35 JET2 0.00~ER20 4.0010.0013.5035.024.506.0012.0~18.0M6 3.00.09C ~ ~0.00~4651305 0 
  ER20 SRK 5X35 JET2 0.00~ER20 5.0010.0013.5035.024.506.0015.0~21.0M6 3.017.18C ~ ~0.00~4651309 0 
  ER20 SRK 6X35 JET2 0.00~ER20 6.0011.0013.5035.025.506.0018.0~24.0M8 4.00.07C ~ ~0.00~4651313 0 
  ER25 SRK 3X35 JET2 0.00~ER25 3.0010.0013.5035.024.506.0010.0~16.0M6 3.00.10C ~ ~0.00~4651401 0 
  ER25 SRK 3X60 JET2 0.00~ER25 3.0010.0016.3060.044.506.0010.0~16.0M6 3.00.14C ~ ~0.00~4651403 0 
  ER25 SRK 4X35 JET2 0.00~ER25 4.0010.0013.5035.024.506.0012.0~18.0M6 3.00.10C ~ ~0.00~4651405 0 
  ER25 SRK 4X60 JET2 0.00~ER25 4.0010.0016.3060.044.506.0012.0~18.0M6 3.00.14C ~71EAD3871D313 ~72.00~4651407 0 
  ER25 SRK 5X35 JET2 0.00~ER25 5.0010.0013.5035.024.506.0015.0~21.0M6 3.00.10C ~ ~0.00~4651409 0 
  ER25 SRK 5X60 JET2 0.00~ER25 5.0010.0016.3060.044.506.0015.0~21.0M6 3.00.14C ~71EAD3871D313 ~72.00~4651411 0 
  ER25 SRK 6X35 JET2 0.00~ER25 6.0011.0014.7035.026.006.0018.0~24.0M8 4.00.11C ~71EAD3871D313 ~47.00~4651413 0 
  ER25 SRK 6X60 JET2 0.00~ER25 6.0011.0017.3060.044.506.0018.0~24.0M8 4.00.14C ~71EAD3871D313 ~72.00~4651415 0 
  ER25 SRK 8X35 JET2 0.00~ER25 8.0014.0017.8035.026.505.0025.0~30.0M10 5.00.12C ~71EAD3871D313 ~47.00~4651417 0 
  ER25 SRK 8X60 JET2 0.00~ER25 8.0014.0017.9060.039.506.0025.0~31.0M10 5.00.16C ~71EAD3871D313 ~72.00~4651419 0 
  ER32 SRK 10X35 JET2 0.00~ER32 10.0016.0020.8035.034.005.0030.0~35.0M12 6.00.18C ~71EAD3871D313 ~48.00~4650913 0 
  ER32 SRK 10X60 JET2 0.00~ER32 10.0016.0022.4060.044.506.0030.0~36.0M12 6.00.23C ~71EAD3871D313 ~73.00~4650914 0 
  ER32 SRK 10X85 JET2 0.00~ER32 10.0016.0023.0085.049.506.0030.0~36.0M12 6.00.30C ~71EAD3871D313 ~85.00~4650915 0 
  ER32 SRK 12X35 JET2 0.00~ER32 12.0020.0024.0035.028.00-32.0~-- -0.21C ~71EAD3871D313 ~48.00~4650916 0 
  ER32 SRK 12X60 JET2 0.00~ER32 12.0020.0024.0060.028.006.0032.0~38.0M14 6.00.32C ~71EAD3871D313 ~73.00~4650917 0 
  ER32 SRK 12X85 JET2 0.00~ER32 12.0020.0024.0085.028.006.0032.0~38.0M14 6.00.32C ~71EAD3871D313 ~98.00~4650918 0 
  ER32 SRK 3X35 JET2 0.00~ER32 3.0010.0013.5035.022.506.0010.0~16.0M6 3.00.16C ~71EAD3871D313 ~48.00~4651425 0 
  ER32 SRK 3X60 JET2 0.00~ER32 3.0010.0016.3060.044.506.0010.0~16.0M6 3.00.19C ~71EAD3871D313 ~73.00~4651427 0 
  ER32 SRK 3X85 JET2 0.00~ER32 3.0010.0019.8085.070.006.0010.0~16.0M6 3.00.25C ~71EAD3871D313 ~98.00~4651429 0 
  ER32 SRK 4X35 JET2 0.00~ER32 4.0010.0013.5035.023.506.0012.0~18.0M6 3.00.16C ~71EAD3871D313 ~48.00~4650901 0 
  ER32 SRK 4X60 JET2 0.00~ER32 4.0010.0016.3060.044.506.0012.0~18.0M6 3.00.19C ~71EAD3871D313 ~73.00~4650902 0 
  ER32 SRK 4X85 JET2 0.00~ER32 4.0010.0019.8085.070.006.0012.0~18.0M6 3.00.22C ~71EAD3871D313 ~98.00~4650903 0 
  ER32 SRK 5X35 JET2 0.00~ER32 5.0010.0013.5035.024.506.0015.0~21.0M6 3.00.16C ~ ~0.00~4650904 0 
  ER32 SRK 5X60 JET2 0.00~ER32 5.0010.0016.3060.044.506.0015.0~21.0M6 3.00.19C ~ ~0.00~4650905 0 
  ER32 SRK 5X85 JET2 0.00~ER32 5.0010.0019.8085.070.006.0015.0~21.0M6 3.00.25C ~71EAD3871D313 ~98.00~4650906 0 
  ER32 SRK 6X35 JET2 0.00~ER32 6.0011.0014.7035.025.506.0018.0~24.0M8 4.00.15C ~71EAD3871D313 ~48.00~4650907 0 
  ER32 SRK 6X60 JET2 0.00~ER32 6.0011.0017.3060.045.006.0018.0~24.0M8 4.00.19C ~71EAD3871D313 ~73.00~4650908 0 
  ER32 SRK 6X85 JET2 0.00~ER32 6.0011.0020.8085.069.508.0018.0~26.0M8 4.00.23C ~71EAD3871D313 ~98.00~4650909 0 
  ER32 SRK 8X35 JET2 0.00~ER32 8.0014.0018.8035.033.006.0025.0~31.0M10 5.00.17C ~71EAD3871D313 ~48.00~4650910 0 
  ER32 SRK 8X60 JET2 0.00~ER32 8.0014.0020.4060.045.006.0025.0~31.0M10 5.00.22C ~71EAD3871D313 ~73.00~4650911 0 
  ER32 SRK 8X85 JET2 0.00~ER32 8.0014.0023.2085.065.006.0025.0~31.0M10 5.00.29C ~71EAD3871D313 ~98.00~4650912 0 

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