MTECS-MJ : Small diameter short solid carbide MJ-type profile threading endmills with coolant holes directed to the cutting edges. Used for internal J-type thread length of up to 2.5xD in the aerospace industry and for other.
  MTECS 06032C10 0.7MJ   0.706.003.20310.0058.005606408 Without coolant hole. 1TT9030 
  MTECS 06039C12 0.8MJ   0.806.003.90312.5058.005606409 Without coolant hole. 1TT9030 
  MTECS 06048C15 1.0MJ Without coolant hole. 1TT9030 
  MTECS08061C20 1.25MJ 1TT9030 
  MTECS 0808C25 1.5MJ 1.508.008.00325.0064.005606412 1TT9030 
  MTECS10092C30 1.75MJ 1.7510.009.20330.0073.005606413 1TT9030 
  MTECS 1010C35 2.0MJ 2.0010.0010.00335.0073.005606414 1TT9030