Grade : TT3020
PVD AlTiN based coating grades on tough ultra-fine substrate for low to medium speed range of general applications in exotic material with anti- abrasion and crack-resistant coating layer

ISO Range - P/M/K(M10-M30)
ISO Range - H/S/N (S10-S30)
Coating TypePVD
Coating LayerAlTiN/TiN

Cutting Speed for: VNMG 160404 EA TT3020 - 6336765
ISOMaterialMaterial DescriptionMaterial ConditionCutting Speed Recommendations
S31High temp. alloys Fe based.Annealed :20040-165 m/min
S32High temp. alloys Fe based.Cured :28030-145 m/min
S33High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Annealed :25035-85 m/min
S34High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Cured :35030-75 m/min
S35High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Castr :32030-65 m/min
S36Titanium (pure):310100-185 m/min
S37Titanium Ti alloys.Alpha+beta alloys cu :31040-85 m/min