Grade : TT6080
PVD coated grade on fine substrate for machining of gray cast irons and ductile cast irons and for medium machining of hardened steels

ISO Range - P/M/K(K05-K25)
ISO Range - H/S/N (H05-H25)
Coating TypePVD
Coating LayerAlTiN-TiN

Cutting Speed for: HNHX 1006ANTN-W TT6080 - 5613613
ISOMaterialMaterial DescriptionMaterial ConditionCutting Speed Recommendations
K15Grey cast iron (GG)Pearlitic/ferritic :180200-390 m/min
K16Grey cast iron (GG)Pearlitic/martensiti :260160-300 m/min
K17Nodular cast iron (GGG)Ferritic :160130-250 m/min
K18Nodular cast iron (GGG)Pearlitic :250110-250 m/min
K19Malleable cast iron.Ferritic :130210-330 m/min
K20Malleable cast iron.Pearlitic :230130-280 m/min
H38Hardened steel.Hardened :56060-90 m/min
H39Hardened steel.Hardened :65450-90 m/min
H40Chilled cast iron.Cast :40060-100 m/min
H41Cast iron.Hardened :56060-80 m/min