Grade : TT9225
CVD coated grade with excellent combination of wear resistance and fracture toughness for general machining of stainless steels in continuous and interrupted conditions

ISO Range - P/M/K(M15-M30)
ISO Range - H/S/N (S15-S30)
Coating TypeCVD
Coating LayerTiCN-Al2O3-TiCN

Cutting Speed for: VNMG 160404 EA TT9225 - 5522188
ISOMaterialMaterial DescriptionMaterial ConditionCutting Speed Recommendations
M12Stainless steel and cast steel.Ferritic/martensitic :200120-200 m/min
M13Stainless steel and cast steel.Martensitic :240110-180 m/min
M14Stainless steel and cast steel.Austenitic :180100-170 m/min
S31High temp. alloys Fe based.Annealed :20030-70 m/min
S32High temp. alloys Fe based.Cured :28020-60 m/min
S33High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Annealed :25025-60 m/min
S34High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Cured :35020-60 m/min
S35High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Castr :32020-60 m/min