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TLS11 : Highly productive shoulder square mills for roughing with ASMT/ASGT11 inserts
GAMP: Rake angle axial , GAMF: Rake angle radial
GAMP: Rake angle axial , GAMF: Rake angle radial
Edge/ZMax. apDc
Z effzDbLfdlaInsertGICATGIREMgiic
  TLS11R050M22.0E04 10.0000~4~4204~48.8050.0050.00~22.000FDA02G2200H$07~FDA~02~G~2200~H$07~20.00047.0010.406.3060.00~60.0090.0-~R~S~0.5018100~With air hole1~3~with~ASMT11T304PDPR-MJTT$$165944212951370~11~60.00~60.00~308-02~71E01A05D27A8~MILSQI_MFDA02~CM10X40H~A~C~TPS11~90~4/20~48.80~50.00~4~20~47.0~60.0~22.000~20.00~10.40~0.50~AS*T11T3...~6885605 0
When using inserts with corner radius RE >= 2.0 mm, standard cutter bodies have to be modified "R". Please click on "More Info".
From 2nd row onwards, please use insert with RE = 0.4 or 0.8 mm.
Coolant can be supplied from the end face of the centering location bore in the arbor. However, cannot be supplied from the center bolt.

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