ELS11 : Highly productive endmills for roughing with ASMT/ASGT11 inserts
GAMP: Rake angle axial , GAMF: Rake angle radial
WITH COOLANT HOLE                                  
  ELS11R025M25.0W02 Available2630.4025.0025.00080.0120.0040.090.00.40With air hole AS*MT11T3... 6888303 0
  ELS11R032M32.0W03 Available31239.4032.0032.00080.0140.0060.090.00.80With air hole AS*MT11T3... 6885601 0
  ELS11R040M42.0W03 Available31240.0040.0042.00090.0150.0060.090.01.40With air hole AS*MT11T3... 6885602 0

When using inserts with corner radius RE >= 2.0 mm, standard cutter bodies have to be modified "R". Please click on "More Info".
From 2nd row onwards, please use insert with RE = 0.4 or 0.8 mm.