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DRIVING RING SEMC : Driving Ring DIN 6366/1 for COMBI Shell and Mill Holder
  Designationorder DCONWS BD LB KWW L1 d2 D1 L b a ClssID GICATGIREMgiic
  16D.RINGSEMC 1.00000~16.0032.0010.008.005.0016~32.00~10.0~8.00~5.00~71EC56B58A355~4513057 0
  22D.RINGSEMC 2.00000~22.0040.0012.0010.006.0022~40.00~12.0~10.00~6.00~71EC56B58A355~4513058 0
  27D.RINGSEMC 3.00000~27.0048.0012.0012.006.3027~48.00~12.0~12.00~6.30~71EC56B58A355~4513059 0
  32D.RINGSEMC 4.00000~32.0058.0014.0014.007.0032~58.00~14.0~14.00~7.00~71EC56B58A355~4513060 0
  40D.RINGSEMC 5.00000~40.0070.0014.0016.008.0040~70.00~14.0~16.00~8.00~71EC56B58A355~4517060 0
  50D.RINGSEMC 6.00000~50.0090.0016.0018.009.0050~90.00~16.0~18.00~9.00~71EC56B58A355~4500684 0
Use's with "WRENCH SEMC"

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