HPO11-M : High precision shoulder square endmills (TungRec) with TungFlex, carrying ASMT/ASGT11 inserts
GAMP: Rake angle axial , GAMF: Rake angle radial
  HPO11R020MM10-02 Available210.6020.0017.80M10 49.0030.0090.00.06with ASMT11T304PDPR-MJ 15.06996321 0
  HPO11R025MM12-03 Available310.6025.0020.80M12 57.0035.0090.00.10with ASMT11T304PDPR-MJ 17.06990865 0
  HPO11R032MM16-03 Available410.6032.0028.80M16 63.0040.0090.00.20with ASMT11T304PDPR-MJ 22.06990867 0

When using inserts with corner radius RE >= 2.0 mm, standard cutter bodies have to be modified "R". Please click on "More Info".