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Main Application

PNCU0905-ML : For low cutting force, C class, Neutral geometry, Double sided pentagonal insert. Suitable for stainless steel and soft steel. Can be used on Right and Left hand cutters.
Typ pocCEap
SFpocketWiperTNDPATMax. apredbsGICATGIREMgiicTough ‹————› Hard
Grade & Vc
  PNCU0905GNEN-ML 10.0000~N~N~0.806.408.905.9612.200108.0~-~0.0~ML~1~60.0~1.402~10~10~TT$$193888135754539~3~P~09~AH3135~PVD~-~0.01~201-06~71DD68D80B094~INSCMIL_MTT$$$~0.1000.300TEN09~10~0.50~M5.5~TEN09~2~4~8.900~5.96~6.40~0.80~12.200~1.40~6797266 3AH3135 AH8015 AH3225 
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