TLA15-M : Extended Flute square shoulder mills for roughing with TOMT15 triangular inserts
GAMP: Rake angle axial , GAMF: Rake angle radial
WITH COOLANT HOLE                                  
  TLA15R080L070M31.7-04M Available42070.0080.0031.75032.00078.0012.708.00100.002.29with TOMT150608PDER-MJ 6729149 0
  TLA15R080L070M32.0E04M Available42070.0080.0032.00025.00078.0014.408.00100.002.38with TOMT150608PDER-MJ 6729151 0
  TLA15R100L083M38.1-05M Available53083.00100.0038.10038.00098.0015.9010.00110.004.24with TOMT150608PDER-MJ 6729150 0
  TLA15R100L083M40.0E05M Available53083.00100.0040.00032.00098.0016.409.00110.004.26with TOMT150608PDER-MJ 6729152 0

For setting a sub-unit and setting NMJ inserts, click on "More Info".
Coolant can be supplied from the end face of the centering location bore in the arbor. However, cannot be supplied from the center bolt.