TLA15-BT : Square shoulder mills for roughing with TOMT15 inserts, Main unit with BT tapered shanks
GAMP: Rake angle axial , GAMF: Rake angle radial
WITH COOLANT HOLE                                  
  TLA15R080L083BT50-04M   Available42483.0080.00MAS-BT50 M24 150.00107.06.29with TOMT150608PDER-MJ 6729153 Center bolt: CM16X55 0
  TLA15R100L097BT50-05M   Available53597.00100.00MAS-BT50 M24 165.00126.58.92with TOMT150608PDER-MJ 6729154 Center bolt: CM20X50 0

For setting a sub-unit and setting NMJ inserts, click on "More Info".