TEFS-B44-C : Solid carbide endmills with 4 flute, medium length and 45 deg helix, featuring a combination of roughing and finishing in a single tool.
WITH COOLANT HOLE                                  
  DesignationStockDCDCONMSCHWAPMXLFOil holeshankGICATGIREMgiicGrade
  TEFS060B44-14C06-57C N/A6.006.0000.2514.0057.00with Cylindrical 5668349 1GH730 
  TEFS080B44-18W08-63C N/A8.008.0000.3018.0063.00with Cylindrical 5668350 1GH730 
  TEFS100B44-22W10-72C N/A10.0010.0000.3022.0072.00with Cylindrical 5668351 1GH730 
  TEFS120B44-26W12-83C N/A12.0012.0000.4026.0083.00with Cylindrical 5668352 1GH730 
  TEFS160B44-34W16-92C N/A16.0016.0000.6034.0092.00with Cylindrical 5668353 1GH730 

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