VBD-BG : TungMeister ball nose head with 2 flutes and helical ground edge for finishing
APMX = Max. depth of cut
CRKS = Connection screw size
  VBD080L05.0-BG-02S05 Available230.08.007.705.003.98S05 10.007.06859259 1AH725 
  VBD100L07.0-BG-02S06 Available230.010.009.707.004.98S06 13.0010.06859253 1AH725 
  VBD120L09.0-BG-02S08 Available230.012.0011.709.005.98S08 16.5015.06859305 1AH725 
  VBD160L09.5-BG-02S10 Available230.016.0015.309.007.98S10 20.5028.06859245 1AH725 

Torque:Recommended torque (Nm) for clamping.

For cutting speed recommendations, click on the required grade number related to specific item geometry