VFX-02 : TungMeister radius heads with 2 flutes for super high-feed milling
APMX = Max. depth of cut
CRKS = Connection screw size
  VFX100L00.6R20-02S06 Available20.010.009.600.602.00S06 12.5010.06859388 1AH725 
  VFX120L01.0R25-02S08 Available20.012.0011.501.002.50S08 11.1015.06859478 1AH725 
  VFX160L01.1R30-02S10 Available20.016.0015.201.103.00S10 20.0028.06859389 1AH725 
  VFX200L01.5R33-02S12 N/A20.020.0018.301.503.30S12 17.5028.06859390 1AH725 

For VFX head, taper neck shank or Tungsten shank should be recommended.
Torque: Recommended torque (Nm) for clamping

For cutting speed recommendations, click on the required grade number related to specific item geometry