BT-ER collet (TungShort) : TungShort collet chucks with BT shank
RUN OUT-3                                           TAPER TOLERANCE                                     HARDNESS-60                                         ROUGHNESS                                          
  BT30ER20SHORT AvailableBT30 1.0013.0027.205.2025.00M12 M12 M25x1.5 4504056 0
  BT40ER32SHORT AvailableBT40 2.0020.0036.509.5040.00M12 M16 M40x1.5 4509169 0
  BT40ER32SHORTB AvailableBT40 2.0020.0036.509.5040.00M12 M16 M40X1.5 4501276 0
  BT40ER40SHORT AvailableBT40 3.0026.0046.509.5050.00M16 M16 M50x1.5 4509251 0
  BT50ER32SHORT AvailableBT50 2.0020.0047.509.5040.00M22x1.5 M24 M40x1.5 4509170 0
  BT50ER32SHORTB AvailableBT50 2.0020.0047.509.5040.00M22X1.5 M24 M40X1.5 4503236 0
  BT50ER40SHORT AvailableBT50 3.0026.0047.509.5050.00M28x1.5 M24 M50x1.5 4501249 0

Add B for coolant through the flange.
Wrench is not included.