DIN69871-SEM (extra long) : Extra long type Shell mill holder with coolant hole with DIN69871 shank
  DIN6987150SEM22X48X200C N/ASK50 22.0048.00200.00181.0019.0M24 With coolant hole 4505150 0
  DIN6987150SEM22X61X300C N/ASK50 22.0061.00300.00281.0019.0M24 With coolant hole 4505151 0
  DIN6987150SEM27X61X300C N/ASK50 27.0061.00300.00281.0021.0M24 With coolant hole 4505152 0
  DIN6987150SEM32X78X370C N/ASK50 32.0078.00370.00351.0024.0M24 With coolant hole 4505153 0

If the "B type" option is required, the plug screw must the removed from the flange cooling hole. (use a 2 mm hex key.)