TUNGBORE-BT : Adjustable drilling diameter holder (BT)
TAPER TOLERANCE                                     HARDNESS-60                                         ROUGHNESS                                          
  TUNGBORE-BT40EM16ADB AvailableBT40 16.0072.00123.5096.5071.0M10 M16 With coolant hole 4510366 0
  TUNGBORE-BT40EM20ADB AvailableBT40 20.0072.00123.5096.5071.0M10 M16 With coolant hole 4510367 0
  TUNGBORE-BT50EM16ADB AvailableBT50 16.0072.00134.5096.5071.0M10 M24 With coolant hole 4510375 0
  TUNGBORE-BT50EM20ADB AvailableBT50 20.0072.00134.5096.5071.0M10 M24 With coolant hole 4510376 0
  TUNGBORE-BT50EM40ADB AvailableBT50 40.0072.00134.5096.5071.0M10 M24 With coolant hole 4510380 0

The items that include "ADB" in the description are coolant through spindle & flange type.
Applicable for 10 MPa coolant