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Tooling System
Straight Shank

Coolant Driven High Speed Compact Spindles with Straight (Cyrindrical) Shanks

ST-ER-M (Mini collet)
ER Mini-collet chucks with Straight shank

ST-ER (collet chuck)
ER collet chucks with Straight shank

ST-ER-MF (swiss type)
ER Mini-collet chucks with flat cotter for SWISS type machines

ST-ER-MF-D(double ended)
Double ended Mini-collet chucks with flat cotter

ST-ER-S(with int. coolant)
ER collet chucks with internal coolant

ST-SRK (TungShrink)
TungShrink thermal shrinking holder for carbide shank with Straight shank

GTI-ER-ST tapping attachment
TungGTI tapping attachment with Straight shank

GFI-ST-ER(reamer chuck)
Floating Reamer DIN 6499 Collet Chucks with Cylindrical Shanks with a Clamping Flat