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Family Designation: BT-SEM (for Shell mill) Shell mill holder with BT shank       
 HOLDER RUN-OUT=0.005                               TAPER TOLERANCE                                    HARDNESS=58-60                                     ROUGHNESS
Item Designation: BT50SEM22X64X320
17.0000~50~BT50 Shell mill holder ~SKG50C0500$$$$ ~SKG ~50 ~C ~0500 ~$$$$ ~22.00FDA02G2200H$07 ~FDA ~02 ~G ~2200 ~H$07 ~19.064.00320.00101.8~440.80~320.00~339.00~282.00M24 - ~0~0~S ~10.51~401-01 ~71EAD3871D313 ~ADPRS_MSKG50_WFDA02 ~320.00~282.00~64.00~M24 ~22.00~19.00~4503582 0
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4503582 N/A <a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=GTC&dxfFolder=DXF&stpFolder=STP&stplFolder=STPL&p21=0&cat=4503582&itemDesc=BT50SEM22X64X320"><img src="./media/icons/icon_Package.svg" title="GTC" width="27px" border="0"></a><a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=D&sFolder=DXF&cat=4503582&itemDesc=BT50SEM22X64X320"><img src="media/images/dxf.png" border="0"></a><a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=S&sFolder=STPL&cat=4503582&itemDesc=BT50SEM22X64X320"><img src="./media/icons/icon_stp.svg" title="STPL" width="27px" border="0"></a>
Items Per Package : 1
Wrench is not included.
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