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Family Designation: HSK FM-SEM (for Shell mill) Shell mill holder with HSK-FM shank       
Item Designation: HSKFM63SEM22X60
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1.00000~63~HSK F 63 Shell mill holder ~63.000HSK04C0630$$$$ ~HSK ~04 ~C ~0630 ~$$$$ ~22.000FDA02G2200H$07 ~FDA ~02 ~G ~2200 ~H$07 ~47.0060.0025.0~104.00~60.00~79.00~0.00~34.0019.0- ~0~0~S ~1.13~401-01 ~71EAD3871D313 ~ADPRS_MHSK04_WFDA02 ~22.00~60.00~47.00~34.00~19.00~4504941 0
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Used for MAKINOS machine models
MAG3, MAG4 and V77.
These tools are based on the HSK63F type
With two drive pins which improve torque transmission
The driving pins can be removed, turning the toolholder into a standard HSK63 type.
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