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Tooling System      Family : DIN69880-HYDRO (TungHydro)    TungHydro hydaulic endmill chuck holders with DIN69880 shank       Designation : DIN6988040HYDRO25X95
VDI 40 40.00025.0046.0050.00130.076.0073.0083.0063.095.00With coolant hole

Catalog NoStockPrimary View File(2D)Model (3D) DetailModel (3D) LightSTPSTPL
4559272 N/ANot Available
2D Required
Not Available
3D Required
Not Available
3D Required
Not Available<br /><a href="javascript:openDxfRequest('3DD','4559272', 'DIN6988040HYDRO25X95' , 'STP');">3D Required</a>Not Available<br /><a href="javascript:openDxfRequest('3DL','4559272', 'DIN6988040HYDRO25X95' , 'STPL');">3D Required</a>

Clamping wrench (wrench HYDRO HEX 4) should be ordered separately.
Note: Available are reduction sleeves for 12, 20, 25 and 32 mm bore diameters.
Chucking forces will significantly reduce if reduction sleeves are used (ordered separately).