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Boring Tools      Family : D##75_CT-Large    Roughing-Head with 75deg approach for dia 220 - 320mm with cartridge       Designation : D300753CT300

Catalog NoStockPrimary View File(2D)Model (3D) LightDXFSTPL
6811039 N/ANot Available
2D Required
Not Available
3D Required
Not Available<br /><a href="javascript:openDxfRequest('2D','6811039', 'D300753CT300' , 'DXF');">2D Required</a>Not Available<br /><a href="javascript:openDxfRequest('3DL','6811039', 'D300753CT300' , 'STPL');">3D Required</a>

100 deg corner of CN**1204 is used.
PINZBOHR Boring System is a product of MYFHE,S.A.