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Family Designation: D##75_CT Roughing-Head with 75deg approach for dia 80 - 220mm with cartridge       
Item Designation: D85753CT300
3.00000~2~2~2~75.0~100.00125.0050.000- ~- ~- ~- ~- ~- ~85.00~85.00100.00-~-~R ~S ~4.30- ~0~0~TCMT16T308 ~ISO$TC16T3003NB$$$$ ~16 ~T ~9.525~7.0~3.97~60.0~3~100.00~100.00~-~305-16 ~71E0251F304E1 ~BORT ~TC**16T3... 16.50~39.0~100.00~125.00~85.0~50.0~100.0~4.30~6811060 0
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6811060 N/A7<a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=GTC&dxfFolder=DXF&stpFolder=0&stplFolder=0&p21=0&cat=6811060&itemDesc=D85753CT300"><img src="./media/icons/icon_Package.svg" title="GTC" width="27px" border="0"></a>Not Available<br /><a href="javascript:openDxfRequest('3DL','6811060', 'D85753CT300' , 'M');">3D Required</a>
Items Per Package : 1
100 deg corner of CN**1204 is used.
PINZBOHR Boring System is a product of MYFHE,S.A.
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