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Internal Toolholders      Family : A/E-SVUCR/L    Screw-on boring bars, for Posi 35deg rhombic insert with 7 deg clearance       Designation : A25S-SVUCL16-D320
Right hand (R) shown.
WITH COOLANT HOLE                                  
L STEEL 32.0025.00019.00250.0045.023.06.500.0-5.00.803.0

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6849586 N/A<a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=S&sFolder=STP&cat=6849586&itemDesc=A25S-SVUCL16-D320"><img src="/Tungaloy/TungaloyCatalog/media/images/stp.png" border="0"></a><a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=S&sFolder=STPL&cat=6849586&itemDesc=A25S-SVUCL16-D320"><img src="/Tungaloy/TungaloyCatalog/media/images/stp.png" border="0"></a>

  Spare Parts
 CSTB-3.5  Screw <br>2  
 T-15F  Wrench(Torx) <br>1  

When using a right or left hand insert, the right hand insert (R) is used for the left hand toolholders (SVUCL** type), and the left hand insert (L) is used for the right hand toolholders (SVUCR** type).
Torque:Recommended torque (Nm) for clamping.