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Milling Tools      Family : VSTD type    TungMeister, Straight shank for VTB type slotting heads       Designation : VSTD10L080S06-S
THSZWS = Connection screw size
10.00010.0080.00S06 steel

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6859197 N/A<a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=S&sFolder=STP&cat=6859197&itemDesc=VSTD10L080S06-S"><img src="/Tungaloy/TungaloyCatalog/media/images/stp.png" border="0"></a><a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=S&sFolder=STPL&cat=6859197&itemDesc=VSTD10L080S06-S"><img src="/Tungaloy/TungaloyCatalog/media/images/stp.png" border="0"></a>

For VSTD type shank, just VTB grooving head is recommended.
If other heads are used on the VSTD shank, the depth of cut must be smaller than the APMX in each head.
The VSTD type shank does not have external clearance, so the shank may interfere with the work piece.