GTGN : Shallow grooving inserts for threading toolholders
Right hand (R) shown.
  GTGN-16ER/IL100 AvailableR 1SH730 
  GTGN-16EL/IR100 AvailableL 1SH730 
  GTGN-16ER/IL120 AvailableR 161.201.300.109.5254.126879513 1SH730 
  GTGN-16EL/IR120 AvailableL 161.201.300.109.5254.126879507 1SH730 
  GTGN-16ER/IL140 AvailableR 161.401.500.109.5254.026879514 1SH730 
  GTGN-16EL/IR140 AvailableL 161.401.500.109.5254.026879508 1SH730 
  GTGN-16ER/IL170 AvailableR 161.701.700.109.5253.676879515 1SH730 
  GTGN-16EL/IR170 AvailableL 161.701.700.109.5253.676879509 1SH730 
  GTGN-16ER/IL195 AvailableR 161.951.700.109.5253.756879516 1SH730 
  GTGN-16EL/IR195 AvailableL 161.951.700.109.5253.756879510 1SH730 
  GTGN-16ER/IL225 AvailableR 162.251.800.109.5253.606879517 1SH730 
  GTGN-16EL/IR225 AvailableL 162.251.800.109.5253.606879511 1SH730 

GTGN insert is applicable for both external and internal grooving, but the hand of tool is opposite in external and internal machining.
It's necessary to exchange the shim sheet for grooving.

For cutting speed recommendations, click on the required grade number related to specific item geometry