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MULTI CLAMP (TungCap) : Multi-clamp fixture for TungCap
  Designationorder CSI CSI2 d2 D1 L2 H1 H2 H4 b L5 d4 GICATGIREMgiic
  MULTICLAMPC4 10.0000~C4 C4 ~40.0078.0067.00137.0118.019.0104.040.0012.54561516 0
  MULTICLAMPC5 20.0000~C5 C5 ~50.0085.0072.00142.0123.019.0104.040.0012.54561482 0
  MULTICLAMPC6 30.0000~C6 C6 ~63.0095.0072.00142.0123.019.0104.040.0012.54561418 0
  MULTICLAMPC8 40.0000~C8 C8 ~80.00130.0090.00178.0159.019.0144.085.0012.54561554 0

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