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C-DTI-IC-OKM : Static tool clamping unit for Okuma, internal and face turning, internal coolant
  Designationorder HAND CSI L1 L2 Coolant_CLAMPUNTConnect GICATGIREMgiic
  C4-DTI-IC-OKM406-R 10.0000~R C4 90.017.5Int ~OKUMA ~Static clamping unit ~6764780 0
  C4-DTI-IC-OKM406-L 20.0000~L C4 90.017.5Int ~OKUMA ~Static clamping unit ~6764781 0
For the other parameter (L, L3max), click on "More Info".
Always check the turret type, maximum tool rotation, and strokes prior to using the clamping unit.
These units are designed for the use on the metric turret.

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