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TBS3 : 30 deg approarch angle with square shank
TBS3**T** shown.
TBS3**T** shown.
  DesignationDMIN WF HF LH B H LF RE CSP CNSC CXSC MIID Torque l s R/L L2 b h L1 Insert GICATGIREMgiic
  TBS308T08 25.004.707. coolant hole 0~0~TP**0802** ~0.0~8.20~2.38~R ~25.0~4.70~7.80~8.0~8.0~8.0~40.0~0.40~TP**0802** ~6807583 0
  TBS310T09 coolant hole 0~0~TP**0902** ~0.0~9.60~2.38~R ~38.0~6.00~9.80~11.0~10.0~10.0~50.0~0.40~TP**0902** ~6807584 0
  TBS313T11 50.008.3012.812. coolant hole 0~0~TP**1102** ~0.0~11.00~2.38~R ~50.0~8.30~12.80~12.0~13.0~13.0~60.0~0.40~TP**1102** ~6807585 0
  TBS316C12 62.009.7015.821. coolant hole 0~0~CP**1204** ~0.0~12.90~4.76~R ~62.0~9.70~15.80~21.0~16.0~16.0~80.0~0.80~CP**1204** ~6807586 0
  TBS319C12 72.0012.7018.821. coolant hole 0~0~CP**1204** ~0.0~12.90~4.76~R ~72.0~12.70~18.80~21.0~19.0~19.0~95.0~0.80~CP**1204** ~6807587 0
Figures shown above are of 13 mm or smaller square shanks used for normal direction of rotation.
For the tools used for reverse direction of rotation, add H in the end of the designation. (Example: TBS308T08H)
Use left-hand inserts (L) for normal direction of rotation, and right-hand inserts (R) for reverse direction of rotation.

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