TFMRT-10/12 : Face mills with RTM(H)X inserts of five-indexing bottom for stainless steel and difficult-to-cut materials machining in power generation and aerospace indutries
  DesignationDZDaLapArborkgMtg. RefMIIDGICATGIREMgiic
  TFMRT 540-16R-10 40.00516.0040.05.00A 0.20SH M8x1.25x30 RTMX 1004-5MM 6176519 0
  TFMRT 640-16R-10 40.00616.0040.05.00A 0.20SH M8x1.25x30 RTMX 1004-5MM 6176520 0
  TFMRT 440-16R-12 40.00416.0040.06.00A 0.20SH M8x1.25x30 RTMX 1205-5MM 6147669 0
  TFMRT 540-16R-12 40.00516.0040.06.00A 0.20SH M8x1.25x30 RTMX 1205-5MM 6164679 0
  TFMRT 550-22R-12 50.00522.0040.06.00A 0.30LH M10x1.5x25 RTMX 1205-5MM 6147671 0
  TFMRT 650-22R-12 50.00622.0040.06.00A 0.30LH M10x1.5x25 RTMX 1205-5MM 6164124 0
  TFMRT 552-22R-12 52.00522.0040.06.00A 0.30LH M10x1.5x25 RTMX 1205-5MM 6173780 0
  TFMRT 652-22R-12 52.00622.0040.06.00A 0.30LH M10x1.5x25 RTMX 1205-5MM 6176521 0
  TFMRT 663-22R-12 63.00622.0040.06.00A 0.60LH M10x1.5x25 RTMX 1205-5MM 6147672 0
  TFMRT 763-22R-12 63.00722.0040.06.00A 0.60LH M10x1.5x25 RTMX 1205-5MM 6147673 0
  TFMRT 680-27R-12 80.00627.0050.06.00A 0.90LH M12x1.75x30 RTMX 1205-5MM 6173782 0
  TFMRT 780-27R-12 80.00727.0050.06.00A 0.90LH M12x1.75x30 RTMX 1205-5MM 6147674 0
  TFMRT 880-27R-12 80.00827.0050.06.00A 0.90LH M12x1.75x30 RTMX 1205-5MM 6147675 0

Mounting bolt with coolant through hole is available on request (ordering example: SH M8x1.25x30-C)