MTE D-C : Indexable threading end mills with cylindrical carbide shanks for various internal & external threading
  MTE D09.9-1-C08C-12 12.009.908.008.00127.00C0.1006198627 0
  MTE D13.7-1-C10C-14 14.0013.7010.0010.00110.00C0.1206198628 0
  MTE D13.7-1-C10C-14-B 14.0013.7010.0010.00153.50C0.1706197659 0
  MTE D15.2-1-C12C-14 14.0015.2012.0012.00182.30C0.3006197305 0
  MTE D21-1-C16C-21 21.0021.0016.0016.00130.00C0.3506198629 0
  MTE D21-1-C16C-21-B 21.0021.0016.0016.00206.30C0.5006197000 0
  MTE D27-1-C20C-30 30.0027.0020.0020.00263.00C1.2006198630 0

For holders with long overhang, reduce the cutting speed and feed rate between 20 to 40% (depending on workpiece material, pitch and overhang)