HSK FM-SRKIN : Thermal shrinking chucks with DIN 69893 form FM taper shanks for solid carbide and steel shank tools
(1) The driving pins can be removed to turn the toolholder into a standard HSK F 63 type
  HSK FM 63 SRKIN 8X80 63.8.0021.0037.0080.0054.038.0025.036.0M63.02.0004653269 0
  HSK FM 63 SRKIN 12X90 63.12.0024.0032.0090.0064.050.5036.047.0M105.00.9104653271 0
  HSK FM 63 SRKIN 14X90 63.14.0027.0034.0090.0064.044.5036.047.0M105.00.9604653272 0
  HSK FM 63 SRKIN 18X95 63.18.0033.0042.0095.0069.057.0039.050.0M126.01.1304653274 0
  HSK FM 63 SRKIN 20X100 63.20.0033.0042.00100.0074.057.0041.052.0M168.01.1404653275 0