TFM90SNS-R-12 : 90° Face mills with adjustable pockets and precision ground wiper SN 12 inserts for finishing of steels and cast irons
  TFM90SNS 350-22R-12 43.35322.0045.0050.050.001.00O A 0.50SNEX 1204-W 6308451 0
  TFM90SNS 463-22R-12 56.35422.0047.0050.063.001.00O A 0.70SNEX 1204-W 6162435 0
  TFM90SNS 680-27R-12 73.35627.0058.0050.080.001.00O A 1.00SNEX 1204-W 3106575 0
  TFM90SNS 8100-32R-12 93.35832.0066.0063.0100.001.00O A 2.00SNEX 1204-W 6162401 0
  TFM90SNS 12100-32R-12 93.351232.0066.0063.0100.001.00O A 2.00SNEX 1204-W 3106359 0
  TFM90SNS 10125-40R-12 118.351040.0085.0063.0125.001.00X B 2.90SNEX 1204-W 6162382 0
  TFM90SNS 16125-40R-12 118.351640.0085.0063.0125.001.00X B 2.90SNEX 1204-W 6162254 0
  TFM90SNS 12160-40R-12 153.351240.00110.0063.0160.001.00X C 4.40SNEX 1204-W 3106212 0
  TFM90SNS 20160-40R-12 153.352040.00110.0063.0160.001.00X C 4.40SNEX 1204-W 6162298 0
  TFM90SNS 16200-60R-12 193.351660.00130.0063.0200.001.00X C 6.00SNEX 1204-W 6162383 0
  TFM90SNS 24200-60R-12 193.352460.00130.0063.0200.001.00X C 6.00SNEX 1204-W 3105445 0
  TFM90SNS 30250-60R-12 243.353060.00160.0063.0250.001.00X C 10.80SNEX 1204-W 3105762 0

Recommend to do very stable machining condition at cast iron & steel for better finishing
Mounting bolt with coolant through hole is available on request (ordering example: SH M10x1.5x30-C)