TFM90SN-R-13 : 90° Face mills with 8 cutting edges of double-sided square inserts SN 13 for general milling
  TFM90SN 550-22R-13 50.00522.0045.0040.050.7012.00A O 0.30SNGX 130608-M 3108198 0
  TFM90SN 663-22R-13 63.00622.0047.0040.063.7012.00A O 0.50SNGX 130608-M 3108199 0
  TFM90SN 780-25.4R-13 80.00725.4070.0050.080.7012.00A O 1.20SNGX 130608-M 3109747 0
  TFM90SN 780-27R-13 80.00727.0070.0050.080.7012.00A O 1.20SNGX 130608-M 3108862 0
  TFM90SN 980-27R-13   80.00927.0070.0050.080.7012.00A O 1.20SNGX 130608-M 6162511 Fine pitch cutter for cast iron 0
  TFM90SN 8100-31.75R-13 100.00831.7580.0050.0100.8012.00B X 1.70SNGX 130608-M 3108863 0
  TFM90SN 8100-32R-13 100.00832.0085.0050.0100.8012.00A O 1.90SNGX 130608-M 3108456 0
  TFM90SN 13100-32R-13   100.001332.0085.0050.0100.8012.00A O 1.90SNGX 130608-M 3106784 Fine pitch cutter for cast iron 0
  TFM90SN 10125-38.1R-13 125.001038.1080.0063.0125.8012.00B X 2.80SNGX 130608-M 3109749 0
  TFM90SN 10125-40R-13   125.001040.0085.0063.0125.8012.00B X 2.80SNGX 130608-M 3108865 Fine pitch cutter for cast iron 0
  TFM90SN 16125-40R-13   125.001640.0085.0063.0125.8012.00B X 2.80SNGX 130608-M 6162512 Fine pitch cutter for cast iron 0

Mounting bolt with coolant through hole is available on request (ordering example: SH M10x1.5x30-C)