SKA-MB : MB modular connection system with DIN69871 form A/ISO 7388/1 taper shank.
  SKA 30-MB50 30MB5060.0041.0-M120.67014652338 0
  SKA 40-MB40 40MB4045.0026.0-M160.94014655069 0
  SKA 40-MB40X120 A/B 40MB40120.00101.044.50M161.70024655070 0
  SKA 40-MB50 40MB5048.0029.0-M161.15014652343 0
  SKA 40-MB50X120 A/B 40MB50120.00101.0-M162.81024652345 0
  SKA 40-MB63 40MB6380.0061.0-M161.52014652375 0
  SKA 45-MB50 45MB5048.0029.0-M201.85014652351 0
  SKA 45-MB63 45MB6360.0041.0-M200.20014652381 0
  SKA 50-MB50 50MB5048.0029.0-M242.83014652357 0
  SKA 50-MB50X120 A/B 50MB50120.00101.060.00M244.03024652359 0
  SKA 50-MB63 50MB6356.0037.0-M242.97014652387 0
  SKA 50-MB63X150 A/B 50MB63150.00131.070.00M242.81024652389 0
  SKA 50-MB80 50MB8062.0043.0-M243.51014652408 0
  SKA 50-MB80X180 A/B 50MB80180.00161.0-M247.90024652410 0
  SKA 30-MB32 30MB3230.0010.5-M120.60014652334 0

(1)Cutting edge position.
For L1 >100 mm the front end is tapered.
Please verify that the weight of the entire tool assembly does not exceed the machine spindle's carrying capability.