CATM-MB : MB modular connection system with ANSI B5.50 Caterpillar taper shank and metric pull stud thread.
  CATM 40 MB50 40MB5066.0047.0M161.8504652349 0
  CATM 40 MB63 40MB63100.00-M161.9104652379 0
  CATM 45 MB63 45MB6375.0056.0M202.3104652384 0
  CATM 50 MB50 50MB5048.0029.0M243.0604652363 0
  CATM 50 MB63 50MB6356.0037.0M243.1004652393 0
  CATM 50 MB80 50MB8062.0043.0M243.3504652414 0

(1)Cutting edge position.
Please verify that the weight of the entire tool assembly does not exceed the machine spindle's carrying capability.