BT-MB : MB Modular connection system with BT MAS-403 taper shanks
  BT30 MB32 30MB3232.0010.6-M120.38014652335 0
  BT40 MB40 40MB4045.0018.0-M160.99014655080 0
  BT40 MB40X120 A/B 40MB4093.00120.044.50M161.78024655068 0
  BT 35 MB50 35MB5060.0036.0-M120.80014652340 0
  BT30 MB50 30MB5060.00--M120.70014652339 0
  BT40 MB50 40MB5048.0021.0-M161.00014652346 0
  BT40 MB50X120 A/B 40MB5093.00120.0-M162.09024652348 0
  BT45 MB50 45MB5062.0029.0-M202.32014652353 0
  BT50 MB50 50MB5066.0028.0-M243.78014652360 0
  BT50 MB50X120 A/B 50MB5082.00120.060.00M244.64024652362 0
  BT40 MB63 40MB6366.00--M161.34014652377 0
  BT45 MB63 45MB6370.0037.0-M202.48014652383 0
  BT50 MB63 50MB6375.0037.0-M243.98014652390 0
  BT50 MB63X150 A/B 50MB63112.00150.070.00M245.85024652392 0
  BT45 MB80 45MB8070.0037.0-M202.63014652404 0
  BT50 MB80 50MB8075.0037.0-M244.24014652411 0
  BT50 MB80X180 A/B 50MB80142.00180.0-M248.19024652413 0
  BT 50 MB110X140 50MB110140.00102.0-M246.80026128379 0
  BT 60-MB110X110 60MB110110.0063.0-M3011.50026128380 0
  BT 60-MB110X200 60MB110200.00152.0-M3018.10026128381 0

(1)Cutting edge position.
For L1 >100 mm the front end is tapered.
Please verify that the weight of the entire tool assembly does not exceed the machine spindle's carrying capability.