EX-MB : Extensions for the MB modular connection system.
  EX 14X25-MB14 MB14MB1425.000.0504655071 0
  EX 16X25-MB16 MB16MB1625.000.0604652616 0
  EX 20X32-MB20 MB20MB2032.000.0924652617 0
  EX 25X25-MB25 MB25MB2525.000.1104652618 0
  EX 25X40-MB25 MB25MB2540.000.1604652619 0
  EX 32X32-MB32 MB32MB3232.000.2104652620 0
  EX 32X50-MB32 MB32MB3250.000.3204652621 0
  EX 40X40-MB40 MB40MB4040.000.3904652622 0
  EX 40X63-MB40 MB40MB4063.000.6104652623 0
  EX 50X100-MB50 MB50MB50100.001.5204652626 0
  EX 50X50-MB50 MB50MB5050.000.7004652624 0
  EX 50X80-MB50 MB50MB5080.001.1004652625 0
  EX 63X100-MB63 MB63MB63100.002.4004652628 0
  EX 63X125-MB63 MB63MB63125.003.0004652629 0
  EX 63X63-MB63 MB63MB6363.001.4004652627 0
  EX 80X125-MB80 MB80MB80125.004.9004652631 0
  EX 80X160-MB80 MB80MB80160.006.2604652632 0
  EX 80X80-MB80 MB80MB8080.003.0004652630 0

Please verify that the weight of the entire tool assembly does not exceed the machine spindle's carrying capability.