EMH MB : Weldon side-lock holder with MB modular boring system connection.
  EMH MB50-6 MB506.0025.0044.0032. 0
  EMH MB50-8 MB508.0028.0044.0033. 0
  EMH MB50-10 MB5010.0035.0052.0042. 0
  EMH MB50-12 MB5012.0042.0057.0048. 0
  EMH MB50-14 MB5014.0042.0057.0048. 0
  EMH MB50-16 MB5016.0048.0067.0061. 0
  EMH MB63-16 MB6316.0048.0064.0053. 0
  EMH MB50-20 MB5020.0051.0067.00- 0
  EMH MB63-20 MB6320.0052.0066.0056. 0
  EMH MB50-25 MB5025.0063.0080.00- 0
  EMH MB63-25 MB6325.0064.0074.00- 0
  EMH MB63-32 MB6332.0072.0076.00- 0
  EMH MB80-40 MB8040.0080.0083.00- 0

Please verify that the weight of the entire tool assembly does not exceed the machine spindle's carrying capability.