CC MB-ER : DIN 6499 ER collet chuck with MB modular boring system connection.
  DesignationSSCSId mind maxD3LL5kgGICATGIREMgiic
  CC MB20-ER16M MB20ER160.5010.0022.0032.001.000.0604652574 0
  CC MB25-ER20M MB25ER201.0013.0028.0040.002.500.1504652575 0
  CC MB40 ER25 MB40ER251.0016.0042.0045.005.000.2504652577 0
  CC MB50-ER25 MB50ER251.0016.0042.0048.007.000.7004652578 0
  CC MB32 ER25M MB32ER251.0016.0035.0042.001.500.2504652576 0
  CC MB50-ER32 MB50ER322.0020.0050.0059.007.001.0004652579 0
  CC MB63-ER32 MB63ER322.0020.0050.0059.0012.001.3004652580 0
  CC MB63-ER40 MB63ER403.0026.0063.0064.0012.001.5004652581 0

Please verify that the weight of the entire tool assembly does not exceed the machine spindle's carrying capability.