AMT MB-MT : MB modular system connection with Morse taper tang DIN 228 A/B.
  AMT MB50-MT1 MB50 MT1 12.0720.00M6 80.0068.00.5204652605 0
  AMT MB50-MT2 MB50 MT2 17.7830.00M10 100.0086.00.7804652606 0
  AMT MB50-MT3 MB50 MT3 23.8236.00M12 120.00110.01.0304652607 0
  AMT MB63-MT3 MB63 MT3 23.8236.00M12 120.00108.01.4004652608 0
  AMT MB63-MT4 MB63 MT4 31.2648.00M16 150.00133.02.2304652609 0

Please verify that the weight of the entire tool assembly does not exceed the machine spindle's carrying capability.