BHR MB : Rough boring heads for 18-200 mm diameter range used on the MB modular boring system.
  DesignationSSd mind maxLD1L1kgGICATGIREMgiic
  BHR MB16-16X34 MB1618.0022.0034.0016.00-0.0704652457 0
  BHR MB20-20X40 MB2022.0028.0040.0020.00-0.1104652458 0
  BHR MB25-25X50 MB2528.0038.0050.0025.00-0.1804652459 0
  BHR MB40-40X80 MB4050.0068.0080.0040.00-0.7204652461 0
  BHR MB50-50X100 MB5068.0090.00100.0055.0050.01.5004652454 0
  BHR MB63-63X125 MB6390.00120.00125.0072.0063.03.0604652455 0
  BHR MB80-80X140 MB80120.00200.00140.0095.0075.05.3904652456 0
  BHR MB 32-32X63 MB3236.0050.0063.0032.00-0.3504652460 0
  BHR MB 50-63X80 MB5090.00120.0080.0072.0060.00.2004653680 0

Please verify that the weight of the entire tool assembly does not exceed the machine spindle's carrying capability.