BHC MB : Combi rough and fine boring heads, used on the MB modular boring system.
  DesignationSSd mind maxLL5kgGICATGIREMgiic
  BHC MB25-25-57 MB25 28.0036.0056.500.500.2006142414 0
  BHC MB32-32-71 MB32 36.0046.0071.000.500.3506142425 0
  BHC MB40-40-90 MB40 46.0060.0090.001.000.7006142419 0
  BHC MB50-50-87 MB50 60.0075.0087.001.001.5006142424 0
  BHC MB63-63-109 MB63 78.00100.00109.002.002.7006142426 0
  BHC MB80-80-130 MB80 95.00120.00130.002.004.8006142427 0

The roughing head precedes the finishing head by 0.2 mm. Each head can be adjusted independently,the finishing insert holder can be radially adjusted within 5 microns.
Important:insert radius for combi rough and fine boring must be the same size.