KIT BHE MB : The kits contain a fine boring head with direct increment diametric adjustment to a precision of 0.01 mm and a circular vernier scale which indicates where the measurement lies, within 0.002 mm and various boring toolholders and inserts.
  DesignationSSd RangeGICATGIREMgiic
  KIT BHE MB50-50-60 H MB50 6-22 6156164 0
  KIT BHE MB50-50-80 MB50 6-110 6132379 0
  KIT BHE MB63-63-89 MB63 6-125 6131271 0
  KIT BHE MB80-80-104 MB80 6-200 6141520 0

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0.01 mm direct diametric adjustment and 0.002 mm by a vernier scale.