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TFMRY-R-08/10/12/16/20 : Face mills with strong positive round inserts of RYM(H)X for general profiling & general machining
  TFMRY 532-16R-08 FACE MILL ~8.00~32.0024.00516.0030.0040.004.00A O 0.124.00~ ~RC ~CM-RY08 ~SH M8X1.25X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 0803-ML 4.00~6112808 0
  TFMRY 640-16R-08 FACE MILL ~8.00~40.0032.00616.0038.0040.004.00A O 0.227.00~ ~RC ~CM-RY08 ~SH M8X1.25X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 0803-ML 4.00~6112810 0
  TFMRY 432-16R-10 FACE MILL ~10.00~32.0022.00416.0030.0040.005.00A O 0.125.00~ ~RC ~CM-RY10 ~SH M8X1.25X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1004-ML 5.00~6112811 0
  TFMRY 540-16R-10 FACE MILL ~10.00~40.0030.00516.0038.0040.005.00A O 0.235.00~ ~RC ~CM-RY10 ~SH M8X1.25X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1004-ML 5.00~3111232 0
  TFMRY 640-16R-10 FACE MILL ~10.00~40.0030.00616.0038.0040.005.00A O 0.235.00~ ~RC ~CM-RY10 ~SH M8X1.25X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1004-ML 5.00~3112556 0
  TFMRY 650-22R-10 FACE MILL ~10.00~50.0040.00622.0045.0050.005.00A O 0.336.50~ ~RC ~CM-RY10 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1004-ML 5.00~3107874 0
  TFMRY 652-22R-10 FACE MILL ~10.00~52.0042.00622.0045.0050.005.00A O 0.366.00~ ~RC ~CM-RY10 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1004-ML 5.00~3108162 0
  TFMRY 763-22R-10 FACE MILL ~10.00~63.0053.00722.0047.0050.005.00A O 0.577.00~ ~RC ~CM-RY10 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1004-ML 5.00~6152302 0
  TFMRY 766-27R-10 FACE MILL ~10.00~66.0056.00727.0058.0050.005.00A O 0.684.50~ ~RC ~CM-RY10 ~SH M12X1.75X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1004-ML 5.00~3108163 0
  TFMRY 332-16R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~32.0020.00316.0030.0050.006.00A O 0.1212.00~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~KTB 32B ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~6112812 0
  TFMRY 440-16R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~40.0028.00516.0038.0040.006.00A O 0.1510.00~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~SH M8X1.25X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3105679 0
  TFMRY 442-16R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~42.0030.00416.0038.0040.006.00A O 0.1512.00~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~SH M8X1.25X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~6134657 0
  TFMRY 450-22R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~50.0038.00422.0045.0050.006.00A O 0.339.00~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~SH M8X1.25X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3108164 0
  TFMRY 463-22R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~63.0051.00422.0047.0050.006.00A O 0.577.00~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3107905 0
  TFMRY 550-22R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~50.0038.00522.0045.0050.006.00A O 0.339.00~ ~RC ~CM-RY12 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3105680 0
  TFMRY 552-22R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~52.0040.00522.0045.0050.006.00A O 0.348.00~ ~RC ~CM-RY12 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3107923 0
  TFMRY 563-22R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~63.0051.00522.0047.0050.006.00A O 0.587.00~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3108165 0
  TFMRY 663-22R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~63.0051.00622.0047.0050.006.00A O 0.587.00~ ~RC ~CM-RY12 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3107904 0
  TFMRY 663-27R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~63.0051.00612.0058.0050.005.00A O 0.767.00~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~SH M10X1.5X35 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 5.00~6157657 0
  TFMRY 666-27R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~66.0054.00627.0058.0050.006.00A O 0.626.50~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~LH M12X1.75X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3108166 0
  TFMRY 680-27R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~80.0068.00627.0058.0050.006.00A O 0.904.50~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~LH M12X1.75X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3107924 0
  TFMRY 7100-32R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~100.0088.00732.0066.0050.006.00A O 1.293.50~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~LH M16X2.0X35 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3108167 0
  TFMRY 763-22R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~63.0051.00722.0047.0050.006.00A O 0.717.00~ ~RC ~CM-RY12 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~6162594 0
  TFMRY 766-27R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~66.0054.00727.0058.0050.006.00A O 0.626.50~ ~RC ~CM-RY12 ~LH M12X1.75X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~6109125 0
  TFMRY 780-27R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~80.0068.00727.0058.0050.006.00A O 0.904.50~ ~RC ~CM-RY12 ~LH M12X1.75X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3107925 0
  TFMRY 8100-32R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~100.0088.00832.0066.0050.006.00A O 1.373.50~ ~RC ~CM-RY12 ~LH M16X2.0X35 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~6109130 0
  TFMRY 8125-40R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~125.00113.00840.0085.0063.006.00A O 3.002.00~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~SH M20X2.5X40 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~3109055 0
  TFMRY 880-27R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~80.0068.00827.0058.0050.006.00A O 0.984.50~ ~RC ~CM-RY12 ~LH M12X1.75X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~6107837 0
  TFMRY 9125-40R-12 FACE MILL ~12.00~125.00113.00940.0085.0063.006.00A O 2.992.00~ ~C ~CM-RY12 ~SH M20X2.5X40 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1205-M 6.00~6109131 0
  TFMRY 350-16R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~50.0034.00316.0038.0050.008.00A O 0.319.00~ ~C ~CM-RY16 ~SH M8X1.25X35 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~3108168 0
  TFMRY 450-16R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~50.0034.00416.0038.0050.008.00A O 0.319.00~ ~C ~CM-RY16 ~SH M8X1.25X35 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~3108169 0
  TFMRY 450-22R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~50.0034.00422.0045.0050.008.00A O 0.3310.00~ ~C ~CM-RY16 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~3113303 0
  TFMRY 452-22R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~52.0036.00422.0045.0050.008.00A O 0.309.00~ ~C ~CM-RY16 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~6162592 0
  TFMRY 463-22R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~63.0047.00422.0047.0050.008.00A O 0.505.00~ ~C ~CM-RY16 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~3107260 0
  TFMRY 566-27R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~66.0050.00527.0058.0050.008.00A O 0.588.50~ ~RC ~CM-RY16 ~LH M12X1.75X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~3108170 0
  TFMRY 580-25.4R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~80.0064.00525.4070.0050.008.00A O 0.816.00~ ~C ~CM-RY16 ~LH M12X1.75X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~3111210 0
  TFMRY 580-27R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~80.0064.00527.0058.0050.008.00A O 0.816.00~ ~C ~CM-RY16 ~LH M12X1.75X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~3108171 0
  TFMRY 6100-32R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~100.0084.00632.0066.0050.008.00A O 1.245.00~ ~C ~CM-RY16 ~LH M16X2.0X35 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~3108172 0
  TFMRY 680-27R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~80.0064.00627.0058.0050.008.00A O 0.836.00~ ~C ~CM-RY16 ~LH M12X1.75X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~3107884 0
  TFMRY 7125-40R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~125.00109.00740.0085.0063.008.00A O 2.663.50~ ~C ~CM-RY16 ~SH M20X2.5X40 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~3108173 0
  TFMRY 8125-40R-16 FACE MILL ~16.00~125.00109.00840.0085.0063.008.00A O 2.683.50~ ~C ~CM-RY16 ~SH M20X2.5X40 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 1606-M 8.00~3108206 0
  TFMRY 463-22R-20 FACE MILL ~20.00~63.0043.00422.0047.0050.0010.00A O 0.467.00~ ~C ~CM-RY20 ~SH M10X1.5X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 2007-ML 10.00~3108174 0
  TFMRY 580-27R-20 FACE MILL ~20.00~80.0060.00527.0058.0050.0010.00A O 0.768.50~ ~C ~CM-RY20 ~LH M12X1.75X30 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 2007-ML 10.00~3107329 0
  TFMRY 6100-32R-20 FACE MILL ~20.00~100.0080.00632.0066.0050.0010.00A O 1.176.50~ ~C ~CM-RY20 ~LH M16X2.0X35 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 2007-ML 10.00~3108175 0
  TFMRY 7125-40R-20 FACE MILL ~20.00~125.00105.00740.0085.0063.0010.00A O 2.504.50~ ~C ~CM-RY20 ~SH M20X2.5X40 ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 2007-ML 10.00~3108205 0
  TFMRY 8160-40R-20 FACE MILL ~20.00~160.00140.00840.00110.0063.0010.00C X 3.844.00~ ~C ~CM-RY20 ~- ~71E01A05B627B ~RYMX 2007-ML 10.00~3108712 0
Mounting bolt with coolant through hole is available on request (ordering example: SH M10x1.5x30-C)

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