6N TF90-R-04 : 90° Face mills with economical positive six cutting edges of double-sided 6NKU 04 inserts for general machining
  6N TF90-540-16R-04 40.00516.00038.0040.04.10A 0.2006NKU 040304R-M 6122933 0
  6N TF90-740-16R-04 40.00716.00038.0040.04.10A 0.2006NKU 040304R-M 6115550 0
  6N TF90-750-22R-04 50.00722.00045.0040.04.10A 0.3006NKU 040304R-M 6146529 0
  6N TF90-950-22R-04 50.00922.00045.0040.04.10A 0.3006NKU 040304R-M 6122930 0
  6N TF90-863-22R-04 63.00822.00047.0040.04.10A 0.5006NKU 040304R-M 6134415 0
  6N TF90-1063-22R-04 63.001022.00047.0040.04.10A 0.5006NKU 040304R-M 6146528 0

Mounting bolt with coolant through hole is available on request (ordering example: SH M10x1.5x30-C)