GTIN ER-ISO (TAPPING) : Tapping collets of ISO type taps with tension & compression floating mechanism for ER 32 collet chucks
IT_SURFACE HARDNESS 58~60HRC                        IT_N5                                              
  DesignationSSTap minTap maxd2STkgGICATGIREMgiic
  GTIN ER32 ISO 4.00X3.15 ER32 M4 M5 4.003.1520.00.2204651058 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 5.00X4.00 ER32 M5 M5 5.004.0020.00.2204651060 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 4.50X3.55 ER32 M6 M6 4.503.5520.00.2204651059 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 6.30X5.00 ER32 M6 M8 6.305.0020.00.2204651062 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 8.00X6.30 ER32 M8 M10 8.006.3020.00.0104651064 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 10.00X8.00 ER32 M10 M10 10.008.0020.00.0204651050 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 9.00X7.10 ER32 M12 M12 9.007.1020.00.2204651107 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 11.20X9.00 ER32 M14 M14 11.209.0020.00.2204651051 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 12.50X10.00 ER32 M16 M16 12.5010.0020.00.2204651052 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 2.80X2.24 ER32 M2.2 M2.5 2.802.2420.00.1204651055 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 2.50X2.00 ER32 M3.5 M3.5 2.502.0020.01.7404651054 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 3.55X2.80 ER32 M3.5 M4.5 3.552.8020.00.2204651057 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 5.60X4.50 ER32 UNC#12-24 UNC (ONLY) 5.604.5020.00.2304651061 0
  GTIN ER32 ISO 7.10X5.60 ER32 UNC#3/8-16 UNC (ONLY) 7.105.6020.00.2004651063 0